Stay Safe While You Paddle

This page holds a list of some key paddling safety considerations and laws relevant for Victorians. They are useful for personal paddling, businesses, schools and organisations involved in paddling. Click the pages below to learn more about each area.

Paddling Safety Standards

There are several specialist organisations which produce safety guidelines covering a range of paddling environments and scenarios. You can use these when planning your next water activity.

Life Jackets

Under Victorian legislation, it is mandatory to wear a life jacket at all times when paddling craft on Victorian waterways.

Cold Water Immersion

Even the most experienced paddlers can fall out of their boat involuntarily. Learn more about the body’s reaction to cold water immersion and what you can do if it happens to you.

Put Your Name On It

Sometimes, paddlers become separated from their equipment. Readily available contact details can save time and effort if it turns out the paddler is safe on land, or can speed up a search if something has gone wrong.

Start Paddling Right

Learning the correct paddling technique and skills early in your development can greatly reduce your chances of injury or death. Read more about some organisations who provide courses to suit a range of abilities.

Let Someone Know Before You Go

Best practice is to always paddle with others. If you do go out by yourself, tell somebody your trip intentions. You might want to tell a family member or leave details with an external organisation.