Sea and Coastal Skills

East Coast Kayaking Videos

East Coast Kayaking are a Victorian organisation who have a great YouTube channel with many helpful kayaking videos. The below video illustrates the practical application of the paddle float self rescue. Remember videos alone are no substitute for expert tuition and practice.

Check out the rest of the East Coast Kayaking videos on their YouTube channel.

East Coast Kayaking video

NSW Sea Kayak Club – basic skills video

NSW Sea Kayak Club have a great online resource for sea kayaking basic skills which describes some paddling technique with accompanying videos. Their videos are relevant for sea kayaks as well as sit-on-top kayaks and other similar style kayak craft.

The video below describes a low brace, which is one of the fundamental paddle strokes for kayaking. The low brace is typically used to help prevent capsize and keep you upright in surf or other situations where you become unbalanced. You can view their video on the low brace below.

To learn more, you can view the rest of the NSW Sea Kayaking Club basic skills resources for sea kayaking.

NSW Sea Kayak Basic Skills - low brace