Start Paddling Right

There are many different types of paddling environments you may find yourself in which require specific types of craft, or specialised paddling skills that need to be practiced to reduce your chance of a costly misadventure.

One such skill that varies greatly craft to craft and in different water environments is the self recovery.  What do you do when your paddle craft flips or capsizes? Do you wear a spray deck which needs to be removed before you can get out? How do you empty a boat full of water?

The best way to be confident with your skills is to learn from experienced instructors who can teach you the best way to paddle right from the start. There are instructors for every type of paddling and paddle craft, it’s just a matter of getting in touch to arrange a session!

Learn from qualified professionals:

Canoeing Victoria and East Coast Kayaking are two Victorian-based paddle training and education organisations that have a range of courses and training options to suit your needs and abilities. You can find contact details on the Organisations page.

Learn from experienced paddling organisations:

There is a broad range of paddling clubs in Victoria that offer supportive paddling environments to learn and paddle together. Some paddle clubs may ask you to undertake a basic skills training course prior to joining them while others provide their own beginner’s courses. There are often pathways within clubs to progressivly develop your skills once you have comfortable with the basics. To see a list of affiliated paddling clubs in Victoria, check out the Canoeing Victoria website.