Welcome to Paddle Smart Victoria! Here you will find all sorts of information for paddlers including safety tips, legislation and which organisations provide lessons to improve practical skills. Have a look around – the more you know, the safer you can be!

Learning to paddle is lots of fun, but it is important to paddle well from the beginning. If you have never paddled before, it might be worthwhile getting some professional instruction so you can be confident in your abilities when you head out for a paddle. Have a look at some of the organisations who provide these services. Knowing what safety considerations to make can be the difference between an enjoyable paddle and an experience you’d rather forget. Learn more about paddling safety requirements.

One of the best things about paddling is that anybody can do it!No matter your age, gender or fitness level, paddling has something for everyone. To learn more about ways you can get started, check out the paddling organisations you can get in contact with to help provide opportunities to get on the water.

Once you become confident in your skills and progress to an intermediate or advanced skill level, you can start to challenge yourself. There are some beautiful water ways across Victoria where you can paddle down rapids or even take on the challenge of completing a slalom event.