It can be hard to find the right places to get appropriate, relevant and useful training regarding paddling. This page is to help you find the right option for your needs by providing a quick guide to some of the key paddling education and training providers in Victoria.

Canoeing Victoria

Canoeing Victorian is the peak body for paddling activities in Victoria. Canoeing Victoria provide services for recreational paddling, Outdoor education / teaching professionals, coaching and competition paddling across a range of paddling disciplines.

Canoeing Victorian are a registered National Training Provider for the Australian Canoeing Award Scheme. Canoeing Victoria provide paddling courses for the complete beginner up to the expert and professional level Instructing and Coaching qualifications.

Getting into paddling?

Canoeing Victoria’s Foundation Skill Course is the perfect affordable short course for new paddlers keen to start their paddling right. Check it out here:

For further details on the courses and opportunities Canoeing Victorian can provide you with please see the Canoeing Victoria website:


East Coast Kayaking specialise in all things related to Sea Kayaking. They can provide knowledge and equipment through their store and expert kayak training courses for the beginner paddler up to professional level qualifications for aspiring Kayak Guides and Instructors as a registered National Training Provider of the Australian Canoeing Award Scheme. If you’re getting into coastal paddling the East Coast Kayaking website is a great place to start.

Check out them out here:

Canoeing Victoria ACAS River Rescue Courses

Canoeing is the Victorian Provider of Australian Canoeing Award Scheme river rescue courses. Australian Canoeing have three levels of River Rescue course 1, 2 and 3 designed to meet the needs of recreational paddlers and professionals that work in River environments. Canoeing Victoria’s predominately provide the River Rescue 2 course as it meets most candidates need in Victoria. for more information check out Canoeing Victoria’s website

Swiftwater Safety Institute – The Sound of Water

The Swiftwater Safety Institute bring their whitewater rescue courses to Australia through The Sound of Water. Their swiftwater rescue courses are geared towards Whitewater recreation paddlers and whitewater professionals.

Check them out here

The Rescue Training Group

The long established Rescue Training group provide a number of training courses to meet the needs of Whitewater paddlers and rescue professionals.

Check them out here

Paddlers often paddle in areas that are quite remote and hard to access. Emergency services such as ambulances often can’t gain easy access quickly in times of need. For paddlers Remote or Wilderness First aid courses are considered best practice as they cover more comprehensive and relevant first aid for the paddling environment.
Survive First Aid courses

There are a large number of first aid course providers in Victoria however, Survive specialise in remote area and wilderness first aid courses. Survive First Aid provide a number of First aid courses perfect for either the recreation paddler or the seasoned professional paddling guide or instructor.

Check out their courses here